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Welding Products

Cruxweld Industrial Equipments (P) Limited is proud to present a prestigious as well as modernized line up of Industrial Equipments for its client bases. Because of the standard that we choose to maintain in our manufactured goods we are the first choice of all our long term clients. It would be a pride for all of us top state that we have a steady client base not only in national territories but in international podium also. There are some well grounded reasons for our clients to choose our services. When they pick up our services they can rest assured of getting their hands on sustainability, quality as well as superior after sales services. We are pretty immaculate and matchless in this department.

As the manufacturers of premium standard welding machines we have always chosen to go an extra mile. We also specialize in dealing with the manufacturing of cutting machines. Our products have earned their reputation because they have been out of the park. We have taken time to make our products perfect because we have made significant investment of time in researching, customizing, developing as well as exploring all options. Quality in all our products is a strong mandate for us and we never deviate from this one.

The range as well as reach of our products happens to be phenomenal. While working on our materials and manufacturing them we keep the interests of our diversified consumer belts in mind. We stringently make it a point that our products are able to flaunt versatility in any way possible. All the welding equipments manufactured in our workshops our tailored as well as customized with this motto only. If you choose to take advantage of our streamlined materials or equipments you can use them in a wide spectrum of sectors. The inventory would include sectors such as –

  • Steel
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Civil
  • metallurgical
  • Defense

The product line of Cruxweld Industrial Equipments (P) Limited includes.

  • ARC Welding Machines
  • MIG tagged products
  • ARC equipments
  • Plasma Cut gears as well as apparatus
  • SAW as well as repair apparatus
  • SPOT Welding equipment
  • TIG Welding technologies as well as gears
  • SAW Welding Machines

For the last couple of years Cruxweld Industrial Equipments (P) Limited is fully focused on the noble as well as aspiring mission of broadening its horizons. Diversification would be the key that we would like to entrench in our product lines. They have been astounding and with the new approaches (which are still in the pipeline) they will be invincible. We have in mind proper and customer specific items for consumption which will be

  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Non polluting
  • Non fluctuating
  • Energy saving

At the same time we also have in mind to make our product lines unbeatable in terms of the coveted ISO standard.

For more details on our product line or to place your orders please be in touch with us. Help up offer you the real edge of welding machines.

Our Product Range

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